Distinct Areas

One of the biggest plus side most ex-pats will tell you of Javea is the fact that you have 3 distinct areas that give the town a unique feel, the Old town, the Arenal and the Port.

The Old Town

The Old town is very quaint in its feeling with beautiful old buildings, townhouses and apartments giving it a feel of a all year round destination, lots of restaurants and bars along the small alleyways, small boutique shops, some new and some having been there over generations of families, in the middle there is a square with a church and a indoor market.

The Port

The Port is somewhat more cosmopolitan, with international foods on offer as well as the traditional Spanish Tapas. There are many new apartments blocks to compliment the old and its a more bustling and livelier ambiance than the old town, many shops are available on the ports main roads and sea front offering the full range of clothing to small trinket shops, a all year round destination for sure.

The Arenal

The Arenal is very much the family area, with the large sandy beach being the attraction, alongside a very large promenade with a array of restaurants and bars to choose from, the beauty of this is parents can have a drink whilst they watch their Children safely play in the sand. The Arenal then has a second parade behind the bars and restaurants that offer most shopping facilities you would nee

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